Best Director Catherine Black Best Director Catherine Black

I’m so incredibly delighted to have WON Best Director of a short film at the London International Filmmaker Festival! So thankful to the jury and my talented crew. I was blown away to be in such great company, let alone win. As a 1st time filmmaker this award is very important to me. I am beyond proud of my film, and I fought hard for my art and had no idea that I would adore filmmaking as much as I did. I love my movie with all my heart and I shed a tear while accepting this award. The trophy will always remind me to make more films and never compromise my art. I missed my own screening and was heartbroken about about it, but when I arrived for the awards, I was swarmed by all these excited, and talented, filmmakers from around the world who all saw De Puta Madre A Love Story and loved it. I never would have known that I had this effect if I didn’t take a chance and come. To me, this is what it’s about. Filmmaking is a harrowing adventure of rejection and recognition, and more rejection, which just makes you stronger, and I love it all.