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Acting is the creation of empathy. It is my mission to expand the audiences awareness of humanity through my work. I achieve this by seeing the life of a character, liberating their suffering and telling stories from a first person experience. The more honest I am, the more relatable and compelling the story will be. Finding out why and exploring new ways to walk in another’s shoes is true freedom. It is my goal to transcend the audience and help them accept humanity a little bit more through my work.
~ Catherine Black

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Catherine Black (she/they) is a Canadian-American director, actor, artist and educator with 30 years of experience in front of and behind the camera and is a proud member of SAG-AFTRA, AEA, ACTRA, CAEA, AACE and the Alliance of Women Directors.

A professional actor since 1994, Catherine is best known for American Psycho, The Donner Party, Odyssey 5 and Star Trek: Strange New Worlds.

Catherine is a certified acting teacher with Stuart Rogers Studios, having studied various acting/movement techniques, now teaches an immersive, fast and comprehensive acting system that works with any acting approach.

Catherine’s extensive practice as an actor and artist has rooted their vision in filmmaking. She first realized she wanted to direct while being directed by Mary Harron in American Psycho and was lucky to shadow a few talented directors early in their career. Catherine went on to produce commercials, short films and music videos before directing their first narrative film in 2012. Catherine’s films have won awards and acquired worldwide SVOD/VOD distribution. Known for a strong use of color and bold imagery, Catherine loves to write and direct dark comedy, horror and thriller, but is also driven to tell a good drama. Catherine has great insight directing actors but their real gift is the ability to capture and convey the subtlest nuances of human emotion on screen.

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