Cat Black (she/they) is an acting instructor in Los Angeles and Toronto, a working union actress for over 25+ years, and an award winning director-writer. Cat has been coaching actors of all ages for 20 years in Toronto, Los Angeles and now worldwide thanks to zoom. She has studied various acting techniques in Toronto, Los Angeles and the UK. Having studied “Paradigms” with Stuart Rogers Studios in Los Angeles for ten years, Catherine is a certified teacher with the studio and teaches Paradigms – a comprehensive acting methodology that works with any acting approach to get the circumstances of the story into your body so you can play more freely. She also has a continued commitment to anti-racism, non-binary acting methods, trauma awareness, consent and mental and physical health considerations in the rehearsal process. Cat is devoted to the evolution as an educator – to continue to learn how to best serve all actors while creating safe spaces for actors to be their most creative. Cat has a passion for the craft of acting, empowering actors and breaking down a script so each role best serves the story AND authentically comes to life for each unique actor. Cat will bring more freedom to your work and discovery in play to your auditions.

My mission is to prepare you for “anything” by helping you become a more exciting, free and authentic artist. I intuitively empower & teach actors to embrace their strengths and teach actors how to have a reliable acting process that will always serve them. To help you achieve this, I’ll inspire you with innovative acting techniques, empower you to direct your own projects by walking you through the a-z’s of filmmaking, illuminate clear and concise text analysis, share technical tips and tricks, and provide pro website creation, accent reduction and dialects, how to “memorize” even if dyslexic, and top shelf demo reels that are sustainable for your budget and lifestyle with a nurturing and clear coach who wants you to succeed and own your strengths as an artist.” ~ Cat Black

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“So empowering! My favorite night of the week. I’m so grateful and really feel so lucky to have had this experience.” ~ Angela (Los Angeles) – Actors Direct

I’m so glad to say that I have finally found an acting coach who is versatile, high energy, professional and a coach who is reliable and actually caring about my progress. Catherine also helped me perfect some American accents. I love coaching with Catherine because we always share hilarious moments and fully immerse into the process of developing and preparing characters in the way that best serves the story. I don’t feel like I’m acting with Catherine, I feel like the character lives in me. ” ~ Bianka (Montreal) – coaching, ongoing scene study classes

“I was so proud to say I took an 8 Week directing course!!! It gave me the confidence to know I could do it.” ~ Grace (Los Angeles) – Actors Direct

“Catherine is an incredible audition coach. She sees deep into the corners of what’s going on in a scene, simplifies it and knows how to get me to connect with it. I always feel 100% prepared for an audition after working with her and have booked multiple roles with her coaching. As a teacher, Catherine’s online classes are always high energy, she is fun and thoughtful and always thinking of new ways to keep her students engaged and in continuous growth. It’s amazing to watch everyone get better week after week.” ~ Jay (Toronto) – coaching, ongoing scene study classes

“I love class and Catherine inspires me very much” ~ Rachel (Los Angeles) – ongoing classes

“Thank you so much for all your help recently. It’s really helped me start understanding this work deeper! I can say I am really proud of my work and your help with this process has been great. Thank you, I am grateful for you!” ~ Amy (Vancouver) – private coaching

“Catherine is amazing to work with. We always encourage each other and engage in positive exchanges which makes me feel extremely safe when sharing my work and artistic vision.”” ~ Bianka (Montreal) – Actors Direct

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*** Every 5th coaching session within a 30 day period is 30% off! ***

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