Intimacy Coordinator

Authenticity • Responsibility • Growth • Meaningful Work • Forward Thinking • Creativity

Catherine Black (she/they) is a Canadian-American director, actor and educator. She is grateful to share the land on both coasts of Turtle Island in what is colonially known as Los Angeles and Toronto. Catherine is a proud member of SAG-AFTRA, AEA, ACTRA, CAEA and Alliance of Women Directors. With an array of experiences, 30 years in film/TV and various certifications, Catherine is knowledgeable to work as an Intimacy Professional. She is currently training with Principal Intimacy Professionals in their SAG-AFTRA accredited program and just completed phase 1 of certification. Catherine is an actor’s best advocate, supporting all performers by curating informed spaces with acceptable risks so that everyone can be their most creative and so the director’s vision is realized on the day.

A professional actor since 1994, Catherine is best known for American Psycho, The Donner Party, Odyssey 5 and most recently, Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, in what fans hail as “the best Trek episode of the century.” Catherine has performed many scenes of nudity, hyper-exposed content and simulated sex on film and stage, inspiring Catherine to better support performers and become an Intimacy Coordinator.

A director of 14 years, Catherine shadowed a few talented directors early on and directed-produced commercials and music videos before directing their first narrative film in 2012. Catherine’s films have won awards and acquired worldwide SVOD/VOD distribution. Catherine has great insight directing actors but their real gift is the ability to capture and convey the subtlest nuances of human emotion on screen.

Catherine is a certified acting teacher of 20+ years, having studied various acting/movement techniques, now teaches a fast and comprehensive acting system that works with any acting approach. Catherine has first person knowledge of how to talk to and protect performers. Catherine teaches from their heart and makes sure everyone feels that they belong.

Catherine knows their way around a film set, how to work with each department and talk from their paradigm. Catherine has a deep and intuitive understanding of invisible disabilities, a passion for cultural sensitivity, disability justice, physical storytelling and consensual artistic freedom.