eSalon commercial!

I’ve been using eSalon for about a year now. I have the bride of Frankenstein streak of white hair right across my part (a genetic gift I received from my father). I love eSalon, so it was really cool to support them! eSalon is salon grade custom hair dye that is delivered straight to your home every month. The esalon staff are all so personal and passionate about finding the right hair color for you. You get a personal & professional little kit with your name on each product as well as supplies that make it all so easy to get salon quality results. After years of hair that is either too dark, or too plum, my greys are finally the color that they used to be when they grew out of my head as a kid, and that just makes me feel like myself again. I like doing my own hair because my schedule is so erratic and who has time to sit in a salon for 4 hours every 4 weeks? Not me!