Dawgs Playing Poker at STIFF

Dawgs Playing Poker is an absurd feature length comedy about a crime of opportunity. Follow a colorful cast of characters as they chase each other through a night of kidnapping, forced inebriation, club dancing, bar brawling, first dates and loves realized, helium explosions, electrocutions and hilarious sudden deaths. A pulsating, youthful, attractive, and absurd farce. It moves at a pace driven by the sounds of rave, acid jazz and punk rock music. A world of vibrant primary colors serves as a backdrop to a zany cast of characters, creating an over all comic book appearance. Also, best Goth Doo-Wop Band. Dawgs Playing Poker starring Catherine Black, Dave Tompa, Glen Mcdonald and Drew Nelson screens at Central Cinema in Seattle June 14th at 9:30pm as part of Seattle’s True Independent Film Festival.