“…Your film was so much fun to watch with our audience and the ending just sticks with you. So disturbing, funny, and sadly very true..”

“Bravo. The acting is amazing, it really stands out…an amazing job..a great flair for comedic timing both as a director/writer and actress. That is not easy to accomplish!” – Heidi Honeycutt

AUDIENCE CHOICE WINNER Hollyshorts Monthly Screening 2017

Audience Choice Winner!


Awards Awards CGIFF2014WINNER-1024x637

Best Lead Actress WINNER 2014 Madrid International Film Festival
Best Cinematography WINNER 2014 Columbia Gorge International Film Festival
Best Director WINNER 2015 London International Filmmaker Festival
Special Mention 2015 iFilmmaker International Film Festival

Best Story (Nominee), Best Short Film (Nominee) 2014 Madrid International Film Festival

Best Lead Actress (Nominee), Best Short Film (Nominee), Best Producer (Nominee) 2015 London International Filmmaker Festival

Best Lead Actress (Nominee), Best Director (Nominee), Best Cinematography (Nominee), Best Original Screenplay (Nominee) 2015 Milan International Filmmaker Festival

Catherine Black in De Puta Madre A Love Story


• “Catherine has a wonderful poise much like Jennifer Connelly and leaves just a little mystery about her that’s pretty appealing..” – Actress & Life Obsession

• Of Catherine Black’s work in “Letters to a Street Child” The Toronto Star writes:
the images of Cazabon are superbly portrayed by Catherine Black…”

• Of Catherine Black’s performance in “Walls Of Africa” The Globe and Mail says she performed a very erotic role of an African Stripper “with tasteful confidence.”

“Catherine is an astonishing and charismatic performer. She has a quality that great artists possess. When you watch her, time stands still. You can’t look anywhere else. She has an instinctive gift of concentration and commitment. She has that rare quality of speaking from the heart with honesty and wit. A production with her in it has a special kind of playfulness and joy around it.”
~ multiple award winning filmmaker/director/actor Layne Coleman (The Shape Of Rex)

• On Catherine Black starring in The Donner Party:
“I would absolutely work with Catherine again, and intend to as long as I am making films..”
~ Filmmaker TJ Martin (The Donner Party, Get Out If You Can)

• On Catherine Black starring in Crimes and Walls Of Africa:
“Ms Black’s contribution to both productions was a major reason for the success of the shows. Ms Black is an extremely confident and skilled performer and she fit the roles in both plays perfectly, executing them to smooth perfection night after night. I thoroughly recommend this extremely talented actress who will prove to be a major asset to any production.”
~ Multiple award winning Director/Writer/Filmmaker/Actor Hrant Alianak

“Catherine has shown rare courage and commitment to her craft and work.”
~ Acting coach Lewis Baumander



Catherine Black enjoyed this candid interview with The Native Society, highlighting female directors.

Screen shot 2018-06-03 at 1.27.00 PM

inD Films Monthly™ | Episode 302 | Catherine Black

Us vs Film interviews Catherine Black about her film, Girl Trip, sharing the interview with oliver Stone’s SNOWDEN ep. 195. Catherine chimes in around 37:17 – Us vs Film Podcast – Episode 195 with Catherine Black

• On Catherine’s film De Puta Madre A Love Story
“..she sees far into the dark tunnel and her mind lights the places where many of us are incapable of going…has the sense of detail one needs to make films that matter…When Catherine makes a film or researches a project she is all in and has the sensibility of a perfectionist.”
~ Multiple award winning Director/Filmmaker/Actor Layne Coleman (The Shape Of Rex)

• On Catherine’s film De Puta Madre A Love Story
‘Sexy & surreal’
~ Canadian Film Fest Festival Director Bern Euler

• On Catherine’s film De Puta Madre A Love Story
‘..This raven-haired beauty is fanning the flames for female film-makers with the knack to leave a memorable impression..fans are intrigued by her charms as a storyteller..’ – Actress & Life Obsession

• On Catherine’s film De Puta Madre A Love Story
‘Catherine Black has certainly put together all the elements necessary to make a solid love story: great performances, soothing music and a beautiful setting…one truly beautiful piece of film…a film that leaves one thinking in the end.’The Arts Guild