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Catherine Black is an award winning Canadian director-writer, actress and artist with over 20 years experience. Her edgy and surreal paintings have been exhibited internationally. Catherine is a storyteller, not preferring one artistic medium over the other, but rather having the freedom to serve the story as best possible.

When Catherine was 9 she was caught watching the 1965 epic 3 1/2 hour war drama, Doctor Zhivago, instead of playing outside every weekend. Not aware that Catherine might be a budding filmmaker, and fearing her little girl might have lost her mind, Catherine’s mother took the VHS copy away from her. Catherine only found more inappropriate epic cinematic masterpieces to obsessively watch. With her love of film, Catherine’s mother assumed she must be an actress and got her a talent agent.The first five directors Catherine worked with as an actress happened to be women. This gave Catherine the idea and confidence to direct one day. Best known for her role as Vanden in American Psycho, performing with Christian Bale and Reese Witherspoon. But it wasn’t Hollywood stars that Catherine was in awe of. Watching Mary Harron direct a horror cult classic, was what planted the seed for Catherine to direct one day.

Catherine directed, wrote and starred in her latest, Girl Trip, a dark comedy in the horror genre about the dark side of female friendships, and a satire on internalized misogyny. Currently on the festival circuit with 14 official selections, Girl Trip WON Audience Choice at Hollyshorts (2017), Best Director, Best Cinematography and Best Twist at the Independent Horror Movie Awards (2018), as well as receiving multiple award nominations at various festivals Internationally. Girl Trip is a 20 minute proof of concept for a horror comedy TV series for broadcast TV. It premiered on vimeo, Fun Size Horror and NSI Online on October 29th 2018.

Catherine is a complex and extremely versatile character actress, and a very sharp and funny woman. Catherine can be found starring opposite Crispin Glover in The Donner Party (Showtime), multiple guest starring roles, such as Odyssey 5, Blue Murder, I Love Mummy and most recently on Playing House (USA), and starring in many independent feature films. Main casting themes Catherine typical books are extreme dark vs extreme light.

Catherine’s extensive practice as an actor and artist has rooted her artistic vision in filmmaking. Catherine is a member of The Alliance of Women Director’s (AWD). Her directing debut, the multi award winning ‘sexy and surreal’ short film, De Puta Madre A Love Story (2014), WON Catherine both Best Director (London IFF 2015), Best Lead Actress (Madrid IFF 2014) for her performance, and Best Cinematography (Columbia Gorge IFF 2014) along with multiple jury awards and nominations Internationally.

Catherine divides her time between Toronto and Los Angeles, creating complex female characters, and always working on various projects for both markets, as a director-writer-actress.

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